UPDATE – September 27: We did it! 23 new sustainers joined NumFOCUS to support open source scientific computing software. You can participate, too: Join now.

If I could summarize the spirit of NumFOCUS in two words, they would be:




As the Communications Director for NumFOCUS, I’m privileged to experience how amazing our community is on a daily basis. Thousands of people all over the world contribute in so many ways to support NumFOCUS open source projects. Our community is filled with folks organizing sprints, building community around amazing local PyData chapters, crafting tools to make the community more inclusive, and so much more.

I’m therefore excited to announce:

Today we’re launching a new fundraising campaign focused on those two words — sustainability and community — called Sustainer Weeks.

In a few short weeks, September 22-25, we’ll be passing the torch from the outgoing Board to the newly selected Board of Directors at the NumFOCUS Summit, a gathering of NumFOCUS open source project leaders and community stakeholders to collectively tackle the challenges of long-term sus