NumFOCUS intends to distribute $60,000 in small developments grants to our sponsored and affiliated projects in 2018. Thanks to a successful fundraising year in 2017, NumFOCUS is able to provide funding to help the projects improve usability, grow their communities, and speed up the time to major releases.

Our first recipients are…

Paid Developer Time for Major Code Improvements

Shogun: Fully integrate new parameter framework, unify API/interfaces, and release v 7.0 — $1,500

(NumFOCUS Sponsored Project)

“The goal of this project is to give Shogun’s new parameter framework, a central mechanism to store algorithm parameters, the final push towards full integration, and replacement of the old version. Its completion will mark the end-point of a major 2 year effort, replacing some of Shogun’s over-a-decade-old code. The new framework will be a cornerstone of Shogun’s recent modernization efforts in terms of API unification, maintenance and compile-complexity, and a modular/plugin architecture.

An initial design prototype of the new parameter framework was built in GSoC (Google Summer of Code) 2016, and a more polished version saw initial integration into Shogun’s code-base in early 2018. The grant will support a core developer dev-sprint to integrate modern C++ data-structures, such as std::vector, into the framework; finish existing work on a generic clone implementation; port old model-selection code to use the new framework; supporting a generic get/put for parameters and porting all examples; reducing the size of the SWIG interfaces via only exposing a simple base-API; and building a first working prototype of a plugin-based build architecture.