This is a contributed post by participants in the 2017 Diversity and Inclusion in Scientific Computing (DISC) Unconference.

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Diverse & Inclusive Events and Conferences

Written by Kasia Rachuta

At the inaugural Diversity and Inclusion in Scientific Computing (DISC) Unconference in November 2017 in New York, one of the topics that came up was organizing inclusive and diverse events and conferences. How to organize such an event? Is there a checklist? Is it hard? We decided to build on work begun by the NumFOCUS DISC Committee creating a cookbook for organizing inclusive and diverse events, with the aim of encouraging and supporting such events.

You might be tempted to think that organizing diverse events is difficult, and we are aware that for a first-time organizer, the prospect may be overwhelming. That’s why we marked some of the items in the cookbook as “low-hanging fruit” (red apple emoji 🍎)) — things that have relatively high impact with low effort. We also marked high impact items (green tick box ✅ ) that take more effort to implement.  Not every suggestion needs to be implemented — a steady improvement from past practices with a go