The NumFOCUS Summit concluded this past Tuesday, Sept. 25th after a highly productive and engaging four days of meetings and conversations among key stakeholders in our community. At the same time, the NumFOCUS Sustainer Weeks fundraising campaign came to an end. I am delighted to report that our community rose gamely to the challenge!

23 New Sustainers for Open Source Scientific Computing!

23 new sustainers signed up to provide ongoing support for our open source scientific computing projects—one more than our goal of 22! The NumFOCUS staff, board, and open source project developers extend our sincere thanks to these new donors. Their long-term, continuous giving helps our open source projects pay for developer time, professional services, travel, workshops, and a variety of other needs.

This brings us to a total of 174 NumFOCUS Sustaining Members!

Data on Donors

Just for fun, I thought the community might be interested in some summary statistics about our new sustainers:

Total Annual Giving:

These 23 new sustainers together are providing $2,564 per year towards our open source scientific computing projects. Together, they are able to fund one small grant per year to one of our projects! You can see examples of how this money is used to improve the projects on our blog (Spring, Summer).

Schedule of Giving:

  • 60% of new sustainers give on a monthly basis
  • 13% of new sustainers give on a quarterly basis
  • 27% of new sustainers give on an annual basis

Giving Amounts:

The largest annual donation was $600, and the smallest annual donation was $10. The mode was $60/year, representing 52% of all new sustainers — $5 bucks a month is a very popular amount to give!

Thank you to ALL our NumFOCUS Supporting and Sustaining Members!

This year to date, NumFOCUS Sustaining Members have donated $17,057 in support of our mission. In addition, NumFOCUS Supporting Members have given $25,631.

That means 40% of our individual donations this year have come from Sustainers—a reliable source of funding that we can count on year after year.

Thank you all so much for your support; you are making a meaningful difference for our project maintainers and their contributor communities!