As Fernando Pérez (NumFOCUS Advisory Council member) has stated, when people are expected to work on open source software for free, only the people who can afford to work for free can participate. So long as that is the case, being able to work on open source will remain a privilege for a select few. NumFOCUS awards funds to our sponsored and affiliated projects in order to help make open source work available to more than the select few.

Thanks to a successful fundraising year in 2017, NumFOCUS is able to provide funding to help the projects improve usability, grow their communities, and speed up the time to major releases. NumFOCUS intends to distribute $60,000 in small developments grants to our sponsored and affiliated projects in 2018.

This is the second round of grants made this year. You can read about the first round grant recipients in our prior blog post.

Paid Developer Time for Major Code Improvements

Statsmodels: Probability Plots and Generalized Additive Models — $3,000

(NumFOCUS Affiliated Project)

Statsmodels is the main Python package for general statistical analysis and econometrics. It covers large areas of statistics and econometrics including time series analysis, but is still missing several of the basic methods that are usually provided by general purpose statistical packages.

Statsmodels is gaining new model classes each year and current models are extended to cover new functionality. However, statsmodels also has a large number of pull requests that have stalled because of the lack of reviewers and contributors in that specific area.

The proposal is to finish and merge pull requests and address the corresponding open issues for two topics, probability plots and Generalized Additive Models (GAM).

The project proposes to improve the current code and API in probability plots and narrow the gap in m