Sponsored Projects

From Netflix to NASA, researchers use NumFOCUS sponsored projects to solve the most challenging problems. Explore our open source tools by language, features, or industry.

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What is a NumFOCUS "Sponsored Project?"

NumFOCUS serves as the legal entity of our fiscally sponsored projects. They receive the benefits of our nonprofit status as well as access to professional services including financial administration, operational and legal support.

NumFOCUS Affiliated Projects

In addition to our Fiscal Sponsorship Program, NumFOCUS maintains a supportive relationship with our Affiliated Projects. 

Affiliated Projects enjoy a number of benefits from their association with NumFOCUS through access to community, certain funding opportunities, and promotion of the project through our network. 


I’ve learned so much through the use of your software, and the tools and have really helped many of my ideas come to fruition.

Santiago Gonzalez