NumFOCUS Visiting Fellows

About the NumFOCUS Visiting Fellows Program

The NumFOCUS Visiting Fellows Program is an opportunity for individuals employed at corporations or research labs to join the NumFOCUS staff for a designated time period, supported by their employer. Companies who allow one or more of their employees to serve as NumFOCUS Visiting Fellows provide an important form of corporate sponsorship to advance open source sustainability.
NumFOCUS Visiting Fellows will gain a new perspective on the ongoing needs of our projects and the infrastructure required to meet those needs. Visiting Fellows can apply their skills and expertise in a variety of areas, including:
  • open source community management
  • software development
  • IT support
  • user research, experience, and interface (UX/UI)
  • grant writing
  • technical writing
  • data analysis
  • and many others.
NumFOCUS Visiting Fellows apply their talents and experience to positively impact the global open source ecosystem that uses and relies on NumFOCUS projects. Specific work and project opportunities will be unique to the interests and skills of each Visiting Fellow.
NumFOCUS extends our special thanks to Two Sigma for kick starting this exciting program.

NumFOCUS Visiting Fellows

Sam Brice

Visiting Fellow Spring 2019

Samuel (Sam) Brice is a software engineer at Two Sigma Investments in New York City building tools centered on mathematical modeling, distributed compute, and data analysis. As a developer, Sam has worked on a broad spectrum of the software stack including databases, web, and mobile applications. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematical Decision Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill. Apart from his career, he also serves on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Generation Enterprise, an organization that seeks to transform slum communities by providing skills-building paths out of poverty for young people otherwise trapped in dead-end informal sector jobs.

Sponsored by Two Sigma

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