We’re Not Asking For Money. We’re Saying “Thanks.”

Today is “Giving Tuesday” (Nov. 27th). Just after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday and inspired by “Black Friday,” “Small Business Saturday,” and “Cyber Monday,” #GivingTuesday calls on the public to invest in charity instead of consumerism. Last year, NumFOCUS participated in #GivingTuesday by throwing a “friendraiser” — a peer-to-peer fundraising effort aimed at increasing the number of new Community, Supporting, and Sustaining Members for NumFOCUS. 


Why not ask for money?

Well, we just ran a successful “Sustainer Weeks” fundraiser in September, focused on getting at least 22 new Sustaining Members to commit their support to the NumFOCUS mission (we got 23!). As of today, there are 203 NumFOCUS Sustaining members. And, finally, we’re going to be asking our community to rally together for a big End of Year Fundraiser to support NumFOCUS projects and programs in just a few short weeks.

So this year, on #GivingTuesday, we’re going to be the ones doing the giving—giving thanks!


Thank You Very Much!

NumFOCUS extends our heartfelt gratitude to everyone in this community for all that you to do support open code and better science.

Thank you to our donors!

Thank you to our many volunteers!

Thank you to our project leaders!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to our community alliance members!

Thank you to our board!

Thank you to our advisory council!

Thank you to our staff!

Thank you to our supporters and community members and PyData fans and everyone else who’s out there showing their support for accessible, reproducible, and open science.

Your incredible efforts make a meaningful difference for our projects and our community. Thank you.

Who are YOU thankful for?

Post a message to social media letting us know who you’re thankful for this #GivingTuesday.

Be sure to tag @NumFOCUS and @PyData!