It has been brought to my attention that several members of our community did not receive an endorsement ballot. This is an unfortunate situation and one I’m dreadfully sorry happened. We tried to build a process for the endorsement period that was robust and fair.  Let me recount what has occurred.

Endorsement Period process

image by Topher McCulloch

image by Topher McCulloch – CC BY-SA 2.0 –

Once the NumFOCUS Board of Directors approved a process for selecting the next term’s board members, our staff started surveying all our programs to find people who contributed substantially to our organization. (See our blog post outlining this stage). This included 360 members in project and program committees and 401 donors over the last year. These were delivered to me via several spreadsheets. We knew that there would be individuals who have helped in substantial ways that were not in our databases, so we made the email alias for people to send requests to be included.

To administer the endorsement process, we used the ElectionBuddy service. It has several security features and workflows, e.g. sending reminders and unsubscribing, that help run an online e