NumFOCUS Elections Process

We received 46 nominations for the new NumFOCUS Board of Directors — thank you to all who nominated someone!

The next step is for the nominees to complete their application detailing their qualifications, and then there will be an endorsement period for the community followed by selection and ratification by the current Board and Advisory Council.

Aug 10 – 24: Endorsements by NumFOCUS members who volunteer or donate

Aug 26 – 31: Selection and ratification by the NumFOCUS board and advisory council


Who Is Eligible to Make Endorsements?

There are two ways to qualify for an endorsement ballot:

  1. You are a NumFOCUS Supporting or Sustaining Member – i.e. you made a donation to NumFOCUS within the past year.
  2. You volunteer at least 5 hours per month for the NumFOCUS organization. This includes all NumFOCUS project committees, event committees and boards, as well as other individuals that give at least 5 hours per month to the NumFOCUS organization.


When Do Ballots Go Out?

If you donated to NumFOCUS within the past year, or if your name is listed below among our qualifying volunteers, you will receive your ballot on Monday, August 13.


How Do I Get an Endorsement Ballot?

If you would like to participate in the endorsement period but your name is not listed below and you have not donated to NumFOCUS in the past year, you may make a donation to NumFOCUS before August 13th and be guaranteed a ballot.

We will endeavor to send ballots to new donors throughout the endorsement period, but donating prior to August 13th is the best way to guarantee your participation.


Why is this called an “endorsement” and not “voting?”

As outlined previously on the blog, the Board and Council will not necessarily pick a set of candidates that are the top endorsement winners, but rather the group from the most endorsements that represent the wider needs of the community. In other words, those candidates receiving the majority of endorsements will not necessarily make up the final roster of new board members.

We choose this process because we felt the general election doesn’t always produce a working group that covers all the skills we might need.

Qualifying Volunteers

Below are the names of individuals who serve on NumFOCUS project committees, event committees, and boards.

If you believe your name should be listed but you don’t see it, please email .

Voting Roster

This is the current roster of NumFOCUS members and volunteers who will receive a ballot.

If you think you should be on this list you can send us a message at  to ensure your ballot is sent.



  • Board of Directors
    • Lorena Barba
    • Ralf Gommers
    • Jennifer Klay
    • Didrik Pinte
    • Andy Terrel
  • Advisory Council
    • Matt Greenwood
    • Travis Oliphant
    • Fernando Perez
    • Brian Granger
    • Jason Grout
    • Joel Horwitz
    • Shahrokh Mortazavi
  • Sustainability Advisory Board
    • Nadia Eghbal
    • Karl Fogel
    • Daniel S. Katz
    • Renata Rawlings-Goss
    • Tracy Teal
    • Todd Vision
  • DISC Committee
    • Julie Hollek
    • Jennifer Klay
    • Julia Meinwald
    • Reshama Shaikh
    • Samuel Brice
    • Leonie Mueck
    • Madicken Munk
  • Vice President
    • James Powell

  • NumFOCUS Ambassadors
    • Marc Garcia
    • Amit Kumar
    • Stefania Delprete
    • Sergii Khomenko
    • Manoj Pandey
    • Kevin O’Brien
  • John Hunter Matplotlib Summer Fellowship Mentor
    • Hannah Aizenman
  • GSoC Coordinators
    • Max Linke
    • Mridul Seth
    • Alex Arslan
  • GSoC Mentors
    • Adrian Seyboldt
    • Alan Edelman
    • Andreas Noack
    • Austin Rochford
    • Avik Sengupta
    • Bryan Weber
    • Chris Richardson
    • Christopher Fonnesbeck
    • Christopher Rackauckas
    • Christopher Wright
    • Colin Carroll
    • Colin Marc
    • David Anthoff
    • David Sanders
    • Divyansh divyansh
    • Ethan White
    • Fernando Iglesias Garcia
    • Filipe Fernandes
    • Gabriel Gellner
    • Giovanni De Toni
    • Harmen Stoppels
    • Harsha Byadarahalli Mahesh
    • Heiko Strathmann
    • Henry Senyondo
    • Huda Nassar
    • Ivan Menshikh
    • Jack Samuel Hale
    • Jameson Nash
    • Jan Blechta
    • Jane Herriman
    • Jayant Jain
    • Jesse Perla
    • Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde
    • Jiahao Chen
    • Jonathan Barnoud
    • Junpeng Lao
    • Kacper Kowalik
    • Keno Fischer
    • Kevin Keys
    • Kyle Niemeyer
    • Lea Goetz
    • Luis Benet
    • Lyndon White
    • Mandar Deshpande
    • Matthew Turk
    • Meagan Lang
    • Michael Innes
    • Michael Sarahan
    • Michal Habera
    • Michele Mazzoni
    • Nathan Goldbaum
    • Osvaldo Martin
    • Patrick Kofod Mogensen
    • Phil Tomson
    • Ranjan Anantharaman
    • Richard Gowers
    • Richard West
    • Robert Feldt
    • Rudolfs Livanovics
    • Sambit Kumar Dash
    • Sean Talts
    • Sergey Lisitsyn
    • Shashi Gowda
    • Sheehan Olver
    • Shiva Manne
    • Simon Byrne
    • Simon Danisch
    • Spencer Russell
    • Stefan Karpinski
    • Steven DeCaluwe
    • Thomas Wiecki
    • Timo Betcke
    • Tom Short
    • Valentin Churavy
    • Vijay Ivaturi
    • Viktor Gal
    • Viral Shah
    • Zygmunt Szpak
  • Members of Project Governing Committees
    • Astropy
      • Tom Aldcroft
      • Kelle Cruz
      • Tom Robitaille
      • Erik Tollerud
    • Bokeh
      • Bryan Van de ven
      • Sarah Bird
      • Luke Canavan