Thank you to all our discussion track speakers who provided links to their slides and repos!


​Ryan O’Neil Optimize your Docker Infrastructure with Python

Bob McNaughton Python with a SWIG of C++

Sanghamitra Deb Understanding Product Attributes from Reviews
GitHub | SlideShare

Amit Bhattacharyya Using Graphs for High Quality Recommendations

Fahad Alhasoun Using Massive Passive Phone Calling Data to Understand and Predict Human Mobility

Denise Gosnell and Brian Corbin TinkerPop and Titan from a Python state of mind
Slides | GitHub | Blog post

Brenton Mallen Global Botnet Detector

Tony Fast

Manojit Nandi Parallel Programming in Python: Speeding up your analysis
Slides | Jupyter Notebook

Michal Monselise How do we know if it was hot today? Quantifying qualitative measures of weather


Homin Lee One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Automatically Detecting Outlie