This week our community has some terrible news. Kim Conklin, who designed the early NumFOCUS site, has passed.  Kim was one of the kindest and most dedicated individuals I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

While many in our community didn’t know Kim, they have seen her work. Its always a hard problem starting a new organization and design is often last on the list, but it is one of the more essential pieces to reaching out. Kim gave NumFOCUS her time and talent and helped us get started with a website that gave us much more legitimacy than anything our community of scientific programmers came up with.

Like so many in our community that give, we always want to give back. Not everyone in the community is a coder and often only contributors to projects are seen. Kim was one of those individuals who we could turn to help us out with her talents. Her passing due to cancer comes early in her life, but her work for our organization helped connect many cancer researchers to quality software to continue their work. Thank you, Kim and good-bye.

You can see Kim’s full obituary from the Citizens Voice on legacy.com. ​

Posted by Andy R. Terrel.