by Lorena Barba, NumFOCUS Board Member

​​NumFOCUS reaches $5,000 target, issues new appeal

Just over two weeks ago, I cheerfully wrote a blog post calling for donations to the NumFOCUS end-of-year campaign. We had an anonymous donor offer to match any gifts up to $5,000. Within two days, another anonymous donor offered to match that again!

Today, I am delighted to announce that NumFOCUS has reached the $5,000 target, thanks to over 50 donors that rose to opportunity of thanking the numerous open-source projects that they use and value in their work. Thank you to all of them!

With just 30 hours left of 2015, we want to issue a final appeal: let’s rally up the community to raise $2,015 for the NumFOCUS Women in Technology Programs! 
We are committed to diversity in scientific computing  and need your support to turn our commitment into an impactful program!

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