NumFOCUS is pleased to announce yt as our newest fiscally sponsored project. The yt project enables analysis and visualization of volumetric data, with a focus on providing a physically motivated query language for accessing 3D scientific data. It is able to load data in a variety of mesh and particle formats, and supports a number of Eulerian and Lagrangian refinement strategies. It has been used to analyze astrophysical simulation data, nuclear engineering models, earthquake propagation simulations, weather radar data, medical imaging data, and radio astronomy position-position-velocity data cubes. It is designed to work both on a laptop and in a distributed fashion on an MPI-parallel cluster.

yt aims to provide easy access to real-world data in a variety of formats, obviating the need for students and researchers to needlessly reimplement readers and common data processing algorithms. In addition, yt can be easily extended in the Python language by defining new fields as Python functions and mixing and matching analysis tasks.

The yt project is developed and maintained in the open by a global community of scientists and software developers.

With the addition of yt, NumFOCUS now fiscally sponsors fourteen different open source data science projects. To make a donation to support yt or any of NumFOCUS’ other projects, click here.