PictureQuantEcon is an organization dedicated to improving economic modeling by enhancing the coding skills and computational tool set of economists through development of and exposure to modern open source computational methods for research, econometrics, and decision making.

QuantEcon aims to build coding skills and code libraries centered on outstanding open source scientific computing environments such as Python, R and Julia.  Current QuantEcon activities include the Quantitative Economics lectures on Python and Julia, the QuantEcon code libraries in Python and Julia and the Open Notebook Archive.

QuantEcon was born out of a recognition that economic institutions and policies have far reaching consequences for the quality of individual lives, for the societies in which we live, and for the long-term health of our natural environment.  Improving these institutions and policies requires quantitative modeling, so that the impact of changes can be accurately assessed.  In turn, effective modeling requires strong computational skills, so that practitioners can incorporate sophisticated models, theoretical progress and large new data sets.  Good modeling also benefits from openness and transparency, which facilitates reproducibility and distributed collaboration and increases public trust.

QuantEcon Steering Committee

QuantEcon Lead Developers

With the addition of QuantEcon, NumFOCUS now fiscally sponsors thirteen different open source data science projects. To make a donation to support QuantEcon or any of NumFOCUS’ other projects, click here.