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NumFOCUS is pleased to announce nteract as our newest fiscally sponsored project. nteract is an ecosystem of open-source, desktop-based, interactive computing tools. The flagship product, the nteract notebook, allows individuals to create documents that contain executable code, rich text, and images to convey a computational narrative.

nteract gives users the best of the web based Jupyter notebook and the best of their desktop environment in one seamless experience. As a result, nteract creates an ideal interactive notebook application has a low barrier to entry for business intelligence, data science, journalism, students, and research-focused users alike. nteract also offers a great developer experience that allows for speedy development and extensibility.

In the future, nteract hopes to integrate oft-requested features like real-time collaboration, git integration, and the ability to connect to remote Jupyter kernels in the desktop application. Furthermore, nteract will provide its front-end components and APIs as discrete parts that other developers can use to build their own interactive notebook applications, editors, and shells. These goals are integrated into the project as initiatives.

The nteract project is licensed under the BSD-3 license and follows the C4 contribution model.