Open Source Science Initiative (OSSci)

What is OSSci?

OSSci will serve as an avenue for connecting open science stakeholders using and developing open source software within the NF ecosystem. The facilitation of these networking opportunities will bring together participants from NF projects, academia, government, and industry to openly collaborate on common goals.

OSSci will promote the idea of supporting, building, using, and connecting OSS tools in science by:

  • serving as a catalyst for Open Source Science connections within the NF ecosystem
  • supporting NF projects to add research expertise
  • run working groups of scientists and OSSci developers around the areas of science where the projects reside — materials, climate, healthcare
  • build an OSSci community and partner network, joining forces with fellow nonprofits, alliances, and government initiatives around the world​​
  • run and manage OSSci Hub, a web portal for OSSci to allow open and easily accessible stakeholder communication
  • run workshops and events supporting the working groups and projects

The Three Pillars of OSSci