Match Your Donation or Volunteer Hours

Many employers will match your donation to NumFOCUS through a corporate philanthropy program. Some companies will even provide a donation to NumFOCUS based on hours that you’ve spent volunteering with us. Types of volunteering which might qualify for your company’s program include:

  • Contributing to or maintaining a NumFOCUS Sponsored Project
  • Serving on a PyData local organizing committee or working at a PyData conference
  • Serving on our Small Development Grants committee or our DISC committee

The tool below will help you discover whether your employer has such a program and, if so, will direct you to your company’s unique matching gift form or portal. If you’re already donating to or volunteering with NumFOCUS or one of our Projects, please take a moment to amplify your impact through your employer.

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Please read and follow instructions carefully as the matching gift submission process is easier for some companies than for others. You may use your confirmation/receipt e-mail as proof of your donation. Some helpful information about NumFOCUS:

NumFOCUS, Inc.
EIN: 45-4547709
Organization Contact: Terry Foor, Director of Development
P.O. Box 90596
Austin, TX 78709
United States
+1 (512) 831-2870

If you submit a matching donation request through your company, please alert us by emailing with your name, your company, the amount of your gift, and the date which you submitted the request to your company. This will help us monitor the corporate match donations we receive, enabling us to accurately recognize your gift and your company’s match.

Please e-mail with any questions or to request assistance with your company’s submission process