NumFOCUS is pleased to announce our new partnership with Tesco Technology. A long-time PyData event sponsor, Tesco Technology joined NumFOCUS as a Silver Corporate Sponsor in December 2020.Tesco Technology Logo

“We are very excited to formalize our partnership with Tesco Technology,” said Leah Silen, NumFOCUS Executive Director. “Tesco Technology has partnered with NumFOCUS for the past several years through PyData, so we are glad to welcome them as a NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsor this year.” Tesco Technology was among three corporate sponsors who generously provided a match of donations from individual supporters during our 2020 year-end fundraiser in December. Going forward, NumFOCUS and Tesco Technology will collaborate on most effective strategies to benefit NumFOCUS Projects as well as the broader open source community.

Tesco is a multinational grocery retailer based in Britain, with a Technology department housed in hubs across Britain, Central Europe and India. With one of the most established Data Science teams in the industry, their focus is ensuring that this 100 year old business is truly data driven. Combining expertise in Machine Learning modeling and engineering, and making great use of the tools supported by NumFOCUS, the team focuses on continuously improving the experience of millions of customers and colleagues worldwide.

For more information on becoming a NumFOCUS corporate sponsor, please visit our website or contact .