NumFOCUS is very pleased to announce Bloomberg as our newest Platinum Corporate Sponsor.

“Bloomberg believes the more we improve open source tools for scientists, the better off we all are”

Bloomberg has been an active supporter of NumFOCUS for many years, and we are delighted to formalize the relationship by having them join us as a Platinum Corporate Sponsor. Bloomberg welcomed the data science community to their offices, hosting the sold-out PyData London conference three times from 2015-2017; they were also Strategic Sponsors of the first JupyterCon in New York in 2017, which included sponsoring the Poster Session and Sprint Day. Bloomberg also hosted the bi-annual in-person Team Meeting of core Jupyter developers at its Global Headquarters in New York, as well as periodically hosting meetups of the PyData New York chapter. Bloomberg has also provided funding for the NumFOCUS Diversity & Inclusion in Scientific Computing (DISC) program, including support for events in both London and New York City.

Supporting Project Jupyter

Bloomberg’s Corporate Sponsorship will directly support Project Jupyter. Bloomberg’s sponsorship will enable Project Jupyter to create and run workshops that strengthen the open source community through development/design sprints, educational initiatives, developer presentations, contributor trainings and more. This includes their support for last month’s Jupyter Widgets Workshop in Paris.

“We (Jupyter/IPython) have always made it a top priority to get groups of people together for in-person, high-bandwidth times of strategic work,” said Brian Granger, one of the project leaders at Project Jupyter. “As the project has grown, this has become both more important and more challenging. This funding from Bloomberg will enable us to greatly expand these activities and involve more people in critical work on a more diverse set of topics.”

About NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsors

NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsors are for-profit companies who drive their business success using our open source projects. Corporate Sponsors invest in the development and sustainability of the open source scientific data stack through their financial support of NumFOCUS. Many sponsors also allocate employee paid time to development work on NumFOCUS open source projects.

About Bloomberg

Bloomberg connects influential decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. Their strength — quickly and accurately delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology — is at the core of everything they do. With more than 19,000 employees in 176 locations, Bloomberg delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world.

Key participants in the financial markets depend on Bloomberg’s core product, the Terminal, to trade, manage risk, consume information, and navigate time-critical decisions. This means they must leverage the best technologies available for all of their projects. As a longtime proponent of open source technologies, Bloomberg developers are also significant contributors to many projects including Apache Solr/Lucene, Apache Hadoop and OpenStack, and they publish many of their own projects on GitHub.

Project Jupyter and Bloomberg

Bloomberg is always looking for new ways to work with, analyze, and display their data and often chooses Jupyter to rapidly develop prototypes and share results with others across their data science, machine learning and quantitative research teams. Bringing Jupyter to Bloomberg also means they are actively contributing to the community.

Bloomberg often chooses Jupyter to rapidly develop prototypes and share results with others

“Bloomberg believes the more we improve open source tools for scientists, the better off we all are,” said Shawn Edwards, Bloomberg’s Chief Technology Officer. “In addition to enabling people from all backgrounds to participate in the scientific process, Project Jupyter is becoming increasingly critical to the financial industry, where the use of quantitative research in developing investment strategies is growing rapidly. By creating a rich environment for data analysis and financial research, this platform is greatly enhancing the workflows of our clients’ quantitative financial researchers and other data scientists. As a Corporate Sponsor of NumFOCUS, we are keen to help further develop a strong, inclusive Jupyter community. This will enable Jupyter to scale and support a rapidly growing user base, while also broadening the spectrum of ideas being contributed and talent engaged in the ecosystem.”

Bloomberg joins the ranks of NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsors who are stepping up to provide sustainable support for our open source scientific computing projects. We are delighted to have their support for Project Jupyter and the open source community.