A key stakeholder in the open source scientific computing ecosystem has further formalized their long-standing partnership with NumFOCUS. Anaconda, the Austin, Texas-based software development and consulting company which provides global distribution of Python and R software packages, last month introduced their Anaconda Dividend Program. Through this initiative, Anaconda plans to direct a portion of their revenue to open source projects that help advance innovation in data science. Accompanying the announcement is a $10,000 seed gift to NumFOCUS as well as a pledge of an additional 10% of single-user Commercial Edition subscription revenue through the end of 2020.

Anaconda Logo

“I have always wanted to support more open source projects and am excited that the Anaconda Dividend gives us a way to do this,” said Peter Wang, Anaconda CEO. “We have chosen to partner with NumFOCUS because they work each day to make scientific computing more open and accessible. I believe that over time, our investment will grow to become a significant source of sustainable funding for the open data science and ML ecosystem.”

We look forward to partnering with Anaconda on this effort to strengthen the open source community. If you represent a company that would like to join Anaconda in helping to make scientific computing more accessible and sustainable by supporting NumFOCUS, please contact us at .