NumFOCUS welcomes Quantopian as our first Emerging Leader Corporate Partner, a partnership for small but growing companies who are leading by providing fiscal support to our open source projects.

Quantopian Supports Open Source

by John Fawcett, CEO and founder of Quantopian





It all started with a single tweet. While scrolling through his feed, Quantopian founder and CEO, John Fawcett, noticed Wes McKinney, the creator of pandas, tweeted a plea for fundraising help. With Quantopian being a platform built on open source projects, John knew Quantopian had to get involved.

Wes McKinney tweet


“Financial services companies need to do more than simply use open source; they need to lead open source projects; they need to contribute code and resources. Otherwise, the financial community is left isolated and outside the mainstream of the software community,” said Fawcett.

As an innovator in the financial technology sector, Fawcett believes many of the best and most innovative minds stay out of finance because they can’t maintain the long-term relationship with their work that only open source allows.

“You can’t expect to be competitive in technology without connecting with the software community, and contributing to the culture. Without launching and leading open source, financial technol