5 NumFOCUS Projects Accepted to Google Season of Docs

We are thrilled to report that 5 NumFOCUS projects were accepted as part of the inaugural cohort of 50 Google Season of Docs (GSoD) organizations. Which is to say, fully 10% of all accepted GSoD organizations are NumFOCUS projects!

Congratulations to:

  • MDAnalysis
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • Shogun
  • SymPy


We are happy to announce that several NumFOCUS projects are applying for the inaugural Google Season of Docs, a new program to foster collaboration between technical writers and open source projects sponsored by Google.

NumFOCUS is excited about this opportunity to welcome technical writers into our community and share the experience of what it is like contributing to an open source project. We hope the improved documentation resulting from participating in the program will make it easier for more people to start using our projects in their own research and work.

NumFOCUS projects were often started by scientists, for scientists and continue to be developed and maintained by volunteers. Working with NumFOCUS, a technical writer will not only learn about the technical aspects of creating documentation (e.g. generating documentation with Sphinx, continuous integration based workflows, distributed development with git, etc.) but also about the science that NumFOCUS projects enable. (Including, for example, the recent photograph of a black hole!)

Having participated in Google Summer of Code for the past 5 years, NumFOCUS projects are already well-versed in mentoring new contributors and look forward to extending the same warm welcome to technical writers.

The projects currently applying are:



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