SciPy 2017 is a wrap! As you’d expect, we had lots of participation by NumFOCUS sponsored projects. Here’s a collection of links to talks given by our projects:



Software Carpentry Scientific Python Course Tutorial by Maxim Belkin (Part 1) (Part 2)

The Jupyter Interactive Widget Ecosystem Tutorial by Matt Craig, Sylvain Corlay, & Jason Grout

Anatomy of Matplotlib Tutorial by Ben Root

Introduction to Numerical Computing with NumPy Tutorial by Dillon Niederhut

Automatic Code Generation with SymPy Tutorial by Jason Moore, Aaron Meurer, Björn Dahlgren & Kenneth Lyons

HDF5 take 2 – h5py & PyTables Tutorial by Tom Kooij

The Demeshening The Next Generation of Particle Support in yt Tutorial by Nathan Goldbaum & Meagan Lang


Vizic – A Jupyter Based Interactive Visualization Tool for Astronomical Catalogs by Weixiang Yu

nbgrader A Tool for Creating and Grading Assignments in the Jupyter Notebook by Jessica Hamrick

Introducing JOSS The Journal of Open Source Software by Kyle Niemeyer

And one more noteworthy talk: