NumFOCUS is very pleased to announce that Terry Foor has been hired as the first Development Director for the organization.

Founded in 2012, NumFOCUS has operated with a small staff for many years. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, in 2019 we have been able to make a number of new hires to help build out support staff to adequately serve the needs of our growing organization — 28 sponsored projects and counting! We are thrilled to have Terry on board and working to ensure that NumFOCUS will have the resources it needs to fully carry out our vision of an inclusive scientific and research community that utilizes actively supported open source software to make impactful discoveries for a better world.

Terry has several years of experience in non-profit development and corporate relations. He brings with him a keen sense of how best to leverage the different values that various stakeholders contribute to an organization. A native of Norman, Oklahoma, Terry holds degrees in social sciences from the University of Oklahoma and Western Michigan University.

Welcome, Terry!