Would you buy a warm cup of coffee to thank the person who builds your favorite open source software?
Would you invite a researcher or educator to share a cup of tea to discuss with you how their work is changing lives?

As I look at the stickers that cover my laptop, I see the many open source projects that I have used this year. As a Jupyter developer, I’m humbled to be a small part of the many talented people who give their time and energy to come together to create and use these projects.

These open-source projects exist thanks to the volunteer effort of developers, individual donations, and contributions from employers who pay the salary of contributors.

In addition to the volunteer or employer-contributed time of developers, these open-source projects need paid professional software engineers, as well as cloud resources, compute time, and storage. The contributors sometimes need to travel to conferences to present their progress, give tutorials, and collaborate with others. We also benefit when we can hire interns to add features, write documentation, improve the user experience, and design professional user interfaces.

Thankfully, we have NumFOCUS to support and promote world-class, innovative, open source scientific computing especially these projects. Yet, NumFOCUS needs your help and generosity to continue to carry out this important mission.

Please join me in raising a glass in celebration of this year’s accomplishments. Let’s make a 2017 resolution to give back to our community, sustain our favorite projects, and continue to improve the lives of others. By donating to NumFOCUS, you can get a head start on that resolution.

By giving the financial equivalent of one cup of coffee or tea a month to NumFOCUS, you would be donating $50 to ongoing development, infrastructure, and project costs.

By giving one cup of coffee or tea a week to NumFOCUS, you would be providing $200 toward teaching, research, innovation, and growth of these well-loved projects.

Please go to our website to make your tax-deductible donation to a particular project or to NumFOCUS programs in general (you will get an automatic tax receipt).

Help us reach our goal of$5,000 in donations by the end of the year.

Carol Willing
Research Software Engineer, Project Jupyter
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Director, Python Software Foundation

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