NumFOCUS is pleased to announce NVIDIA is now a Corporate Sponsor at the Gold Level.

“NVIDIA’s sponsorship of NumFOCUS represents an investment in the community,” said Andy Terrel, NumFOCUS President. “As two leaders in data science, we feel our work together will bring better tools to science and business alike.”

Earlier today, NVIDIA introduced RAPIDS open-source software, bringing GPU acceleration to data science and machine learning. Built on the one community concept and modeling many of the projects supported by NumFOCUS, RAPIDS leverages numerous libraries from the PyData ecosystem.

“We are excited to partner with NumFOCUS to accelerate the growth of data science.”

“We wanted to build bridges and tear down the walls preventing data science innovation. That starts with supporting foundational technologies,” said Joshua Patterson, director of AI Infrastructure at NVIDIA. “The PyData ecosystem is a vibrant community that supports innovators developing amazing new technologies. We are excited to partner with NumFOCUS to accelerate the growth of data science.”

Learn more about RAPIDS at


About NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsors

NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsors are for-profit companies who drive their business success using our open source projects. Corporate Sponsors invest in the development and sustainability of the open source scientific data stack through their financial support of NumFOCUS. Many sponsors also allocate employee paid time to development work on NumFOCUS open source projects.

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