NumFOCUS is pleased to announce Netflix as our newest Silver Corporate Sponsor.

“It’s fantastic to have Netflix on board as a Corporate Sponsor,” said Leah Silen, NumFOCUS Executive Director. “Their support of nteract will fund the creation of a developer guide for nteract contributors as well as an nteract user guide, both of which will greatly enhance the project’s sustainability. We are grateful for Netflix’s participation in our work to support the open source scientific computing ecosystem.”

Netflix joins the ranks of NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsors who are stepping up to provide sustainable support for the open source projects that power their business success.

“Netflix prides itself on its data-driven culture, and Jupyter notebooks are critical to how we work with data”

“Netflix prides itself on its data-driven culture, and Jupyter notebooks are critical to how we work with data,” said Michelle Ufford, Engineering Manager at Netflix. “That’s why we are thrilled to partner with NumFOCUS and nteract, a next-gen React-based UI for Jupyter notebooks. nteract emphasizes simplicity and composability as core design principles, which makes it an ideal building block for integrating into the Netflix Data Platform. We’re excited for the future of Jupyter notebooks and proud to contribute to the sustainability of the Jupyter ecosystem.”

About Netflix

Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service, famous for our unique work culture and heavy investments in data & technology. We’re also a longtime proponent of open source. We value the energy, open standards, and exchange of ideas that emerge from OSS collaborations. Many of the applications we developed internally for Netflix are designed with open source in mind. Whenever possible, we also contribute both code and ideas to existing projects such as nteract, Jupyter, and pandas. That’s why Netflix is proud to partner with NumFOCUS to support the future of open source.

About NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsors

NumFOCUS Corporate Sponsors are for-profit companies who drive their business success using our open source projects. Corporate Sponsors invest in the development and sustainability of the open source scientific data stack through their financial support of NumFOCUS. Many sponsors also allocate employee paid time to development work on NumFOCUS open source projects.

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