Position Description

Matplotlib has been awarded a $250k grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative:

Matplotlib is the fundamental data visualization library for the scientific Python Ecosystem, used in conjunction with other foundational tools like NumPy and SciPy by over a million users. Matplotlib is used across a wide spectrum of fields and we expect this user base to grow as Python continues to be adopted in the life sciences.

We are seeking a software engineer to carry out the work proposed: https://github.com/matplotlib/CZI_2019-07_mpl/blob/master/CZI_mpl.pdf

This is a full-time remote position.


This is a 12 month position at 75k$ + benefits (not negotiable). Will be employed by NumFOCUS.




“12 months of a yet-to-be identified software engineer to support all aspects of the proposal but focusing on maintenance, prototyping, and engaging down-stream libraries.”

  • Reduce the issue and pull request backlog in collaboration with the community and core development team. This will involve a combination of bug-triage, PR review, bug-fixes, documentation, and implementing minor new features across the full scope of Matplotlib.
  • Interact with downstream projects to collect requirements and develop prototypes. This insight will be integrated into the API design work.


What we are looking for (required):

  • Experience developing tools for scientific computing in Python
  • ability to work as part of a team
  • be comfortable working publicly
  • ability to read / write / speak English fluently
  • familiarity with git or other version control

Nice to have:

  • Experience in contributing to open source
  • Experience designing and implementing library APIs
  • Experience in software testing
  • Familiarity with structured data libraries such as pandas or xarray
  • Experience in a biological field
  • Degree in biology, physical sciences, computer science, math, or related fields or equivalent work experience
  • Familiarity with C/C++


To Apply

  • 1 page cover letter
  • A Matplotlib figure you are particularly proud of (with code if possible)
    • ex: scientific paper figure, tutorial/blog post figure, game
  • resume

Please submit the above using this form.