This is the third post in our blog series about the NumFOCUS project Google Summer of Code students. (Part 1Part 2Part 4)

Meet our GSoC Students

For Google Summer of Code 2017, NumFOCUS is proud to mentor students working on the following projects:

  • Matplotlib
  • PyMC3
  • FEniCS
  • MDAnalysis
  • Data Retriever
  • Gensim

You can follow along with their progress on their student blogs, found here.

We also want to acknowledge our co-organizers for the NumFOCUS Google Summer of Code 2017, Max Linke and Mridul Seth. Max and Mridul have worked very hard to ensure the success of the projects and students listed below who applied to GSoC under the NumFOCUS umbrella. Thank you both so much for your efforts!

(Other NumFOCUS sponsored projects who participated in Google Summer of Code did so independently or under the umbrella of another organization, such as OpenAstronomy. We have highlighted those students in the other blog posts in this series.)

Kaitlyn Chait is a senior at The City University of New York at The City College of New York; her hometown is Bellerose, NY. This is her first time participating in GSoC.

What motivated you to apply for GSoC with Matplotlib?

Prior to applying for GSoC, I was working on another project, in which lead me to a dead end; then I was proposed to take my project to GSoC. My colleague encouraged me to apply for GSoC because she felt as if I would receive good mentorship. Hopefully by the conclusion of the program I will be able to acquire new knowledge on developing and networking skills towards the Open Source Community.

What are your career goals, and how do you see the GSoC program moving you towards them?

In my future career I hope that I can contribute to something that is bigger than myself; which is offered by the Open – Source Community due to its continuous exchange of ideas and growth internationally. I, as a coder, feel it is a responsibility to continue challenging myself throughout my career. Otherwise will progress ever be made?
Being a participant in GSoC is a great start towards taking on a challenge and managing a project that I’ve never seen before. I am very excited for the mentorship I will be receiving; hopefully their knowledge and guidance will assist me in not only my findings but throughout my career as a coder!

Read about Kaitlin’s project, Matplotlib Serialization & PythreeJS.

Harshit Patni is a junior at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad; his hometown is Indore, India. This is his first time participating in GSoC.

What motivated you to apply for GSoC with Matplotlib?

2d Color Maps are very helpful