The first annual NumFOCUS Awards Dinner was held at the NumFOCUS Summit on the evening of Saturday, September 22, 2018.

As part of building a culture of recognition and mutual respect, we recognized award recipients who have made substantial contributions to our projects, to our ecosystem, and to the open source scientific computing movement. These awards are meant to highlight exceptional technical, community, and organizational efforts supporting our projects.

We also took time to recognize and honor new contributors to our community — these contributors were selected by the leaders of their project for particular recognition.

NumFOCUS congratulates and thanks all honorees for their outstanding contributions to our community.

Community Leadership Award

Ian Ozsvald

Ian was instrumental in launching and growing the PyData London conference and meetup chapter — the largest and most active in the world (over 8k members!). His tireless efforts and good humour (spelled the British way) helped build an incredibly robust community of PyData enthusiasts in the UK. Many regard Ian as a mentor and role model, and he continues to successfully champion new growth for PyData in Europe and elsewhere.

Project Sustainability Award

Kelle Cruz

Kelle has been an incredibly effective advocate for Astropy within the astronomy community. Her work to help organize and formalize the processes and governance of the project have created a strong structure for future growth of the project. Kelle has also been a leader in creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion within Astropy, which has resulted in successful recruitment and retention of a diverse contributor base. Her efforts have meaningfully advanced Astropy along the path to long-term sustainability for the project.

Corporate Stewardship Award

Shahrokh Mortazavi

Shahrokh has been a champion of NumFOCUS projects and programs within Microsoft for a number of years. Thanks to his advocacy, PyData Seattle was held at Microsoft for the first time in 2015 and then again in 2017; Microsoft has also played host to PyData NYC as well as, most recently, the NumFOCUS Summit. Shahrokh is an evangelist and active participant for corporate support of open source scientific computing.