This post contributed by Jake Lever, a PhD student in the University of British Columbia’s Bioinformatics program. NumFOCUS was pleased to provide funding support to the hackseq17 hackathon.

hackseq17: Canada’s genomics hackathon

hackseq17: Canada’s genomics hackathon was held at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in late October. This event brought together a diverse set of researchers to solve pressing problems in bioinformatics and genomics. The goals of hackseq include encouraging open science, improving diversity, starting collaborations between researchers and educating researchers about new areas of genomics.

Group photo

Last year’s event was a resounding success and had kicked off some exciting collaborations between researchers that continue to this day. With the support of NumFOCUS, we wanted to start the hackseq tradition and bring another group of enthusiastic researchers together.

This year’s event took place over three days in the Life Sciences Centre at UBC. Many participants were undergraduate and graduate students from the two largest universities in Vancouver: UBC and Simon Fraser. We also had post-doctoral researchers, researchers from industries and staff scientists in academia from British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

hackseq participants working together

We were particularly excited this year to work with virtual participants. These are researchers from around the world that would work remotely on a project and co