This is the fourth and final post in our series introducing NumFOCUS GSoC students to the community. (first post, second post, third post)

We’re pleased to introduce our GSoC students working on Astropy, SunPy, and SymPy

Manan Agarwal

College/University: Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

Major/Concentration: B.E. Computer Science and M.Sc Physics

Degree Program: Bachelors

Hometown: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

How many times have you participated in Google Summer of Code? This is my first time participating in GSoC

What motivated you to apply for GSoC with NumFOCUS?

I have been fascinated by our universe and the science used to understand it since I was very young. I have always passionately followed any advancements in the field of astronomy and I am currently the Secretary of the Astronomy Club of my college. As an amateur astronomer, I feel that tools for astronomy enthusiasts on the internet are severely lacking in quality and helpfulness. I want to help fix this issue and my GSoC project with Astropy fits perfectly.

Why did you choose your specific project topic?

I have been developing websites, apps extensively for the past two years but have never got the chance to contribute to such a big platform. I wanted to polish my skills and learn more. Also an amateur astronomer, I feel that tools and their documentation for astronomy enthusiasts are severely lacking in quality and helpfulness. I want to contribute to improving facilities for amateurs and professionals through Astropy.

How did you get involved in open source software?

This is my first time contributing to an open source software. I got involved when I bumped into some really interesting projects while I was exploring different organisations for GSoC.

What are you expecting out of your GSoC experience?

I am expecting a good introduction to open source projects, learning how to handle large code bases and building new connection with the mentors and fellow GSoCers

What are your career goals, and how do you see the GSoC program moving you towards them?

This may come out as very immature, but frankly, I have still not figured out which path to take after leaving college. But I am certain that it will either be in the field of Computer Science or research in Physics (preferably Astronomy or Quantum Physics). And as