This is the third in a series of blogs to introduce our GSoC students to the community. (first post, second post)

We’re pleased to introduce our GSoC students working on Julia, a NumFOCUS Sponsored ProjectJulia logo

Vaibhav Kumar Dixit

Parameter estimation for nonlinear dynamical models.

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College/University: Indian Institute of Technology

Major/Concentration: Mathematics and Computing

Degree Program: Bachelors

Hometown: Durg, Chhattisgarh, India

How many times have you participated in Google Summer of Code? This is my first time participating in GSoC

What motivated you to apply for GSoC with NumFOCUS?

NumFOCUS is easily among the biggest names in open source with an active and vibrant community. The opportunity to be associated with such a well established organisation was enough motivation in itself for me!

Why did you choose your specific project topic?

I came across the topic while browsing through the last year’s GSoC projects, I found it lay exactly in my domain of interest namely, bayesian statistics and mathematical modelling. Once I came in touch with my mentor Chris I had an opportunity to delve deeper into the topic and I found it tremendously rewarding. I started working on the package DiffEqBayes.jl from December itself and slowly increased my knowledge and comfort level with the topic. Further realizing the impactful applications of this work in both industry and academia motivated me to apply for GSoC to work further in the area.

How did you get involved in open source software?

I came across open source in my freshman year and it blew my mind. The idea of being able to collaborate with tremendously accomplished people across the world and contribute to a project with actual applications and which I personally find useful motivated me to become an open source contributor.

What are you expecting out of your GSoC experience?

I expect the summer to be a tremendously rewarding experience. I believe I have a great mentor and I will be able to learn quite a lot both in technical knowledge of my project’s domain and also how to collaborate effectively which I believe will be greatly beneficial for me ahead in my career.

What are your career goals, and how do you see the GSoC program moving you towards them?

I am mainly motivated by learning new things and being able to use that knowledge to output something substantial. I haven’t yet decided on what career path I want to choose but in any case I believe the kind of collaborative and learning experience GSoC provides will be essential in my career ahead.

Ayush Shridhar

Model Import, Export and Computer Vision in J