Fourth Year of GSoC with NumFOCUS

NumFOCUS is excited to once again participate as an umbrella organization for Google Summer of Code 2018 — our fourth time participating in the program! Google Summer of Code (GSoC) sponsors students to work full-time for 3 months on open source projects during the summer (in the northern hemisphere), supervised by a senior contributor from the mentoring organization.


Participating Projects

The following NumFOCUS organizations are participating under the NumFOCUS umbrella and have listed project ideas.

– conda forge
– Data Retriever
– FEniCS
– gensim
– Julia
– MDAnalysis
– PyMC3
– shogun
– Stan
– yt

SymPy has been accepted as a separate organization. You can find their project ideas on their wiki.

The SunPy and Astropy projects have applied with the Open Astronomy organization. The project ideas for SunPy and Astropy, as well as other astronomy-related projects, are listed here.