The summer has come to an end and so have the internships of our GSoC students.

Ten students have finished their projects successfully and now continue to contribute to our open source community!

Ivan Yashchuk has implemented quadrilateral and hexahedral meshes for finite element methods. Michal Habera has added support for the XDMF format.


Thanks to the work of Harshit Patni, Matplotlib now has support for 2D colormaps. Kaitlyn Chait has worked on enabling better serialization for Matplotlib.


PyMC3 LogoPyMC3:
Maxim Kochurov has extended the support for Variational Inference and Bill William Engels added Gaussian Process modeling.

Data RetrieverData Retriever:
Thanks to the work of Shivam Negi, Data Retriever now has native Python and Julia interfaces.