November 16, 2021 12PM CST (UTC-6)

Discover how important you are to our mission.

What does it mean to “make scientific computing more open and accessible”?
When I donate to NumFOCUS, where does my money go?
How does volunteering with NumFOCUS and PyData contribute to real advancements in open source innovation?

    If questions like these have ever crossed your mind, join NumFOCUS Project maintainers, volunteers, and staff on November 16 as we highlight how our supporters play a key role in our success. You’ll come away from the Summit with a better idea of how your support has enabled cutting-edge technological innovation — and where NumFOCUS and our supporters are headed from here, together!

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    Our 2021 Supporter Summit will feature:

    • A “State of NumFOCUS” address from our Executive Director, Leah Silen
    • A recap of PyData Global 2021 from PDG lead organizers
    • Lightning talks from our volunteer committees
    • A panel discussion on Project Community Development, Moderated by Peter Wang (CEO, Anaconda) featuring:
    • Sponsor and supporter testimonials
    • And more!

    You’ll also be able to submit an audience question for our project panel discussants when you register!

    Join the companies and individuals leading the way in data science.

    Our projects are critical to the work of companies, government institutions, and pioneering individuals across the globe. Join us and our trailblazing supporters to celebrate the latest accomplishments and look ahead at the breakthroughs to come.


    Open source development is hugely important to the data science community. Your work in supporting that community is invaluable to both my work and science as a whole.

    John Healy