J.P. Morgan sponsors PyData and Women in Technology

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PyData NYC was held in NYC at the J.P. Morgan facilities where attendees were treated to spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline while listening to Keynote talks by Peter Wang and Brian Granger. Thanks to the generous donation of their facility by J.P. Morgan and other sponsors of the conference, net proceeds from PyData NYC will be able to provide resources to NumFOCUS to further its mission which included sponsoring over 20 diversity scholarships to the conference.

J.P. Morgan also made possible, through sponsorship and participation, a special Women in Technology event held in conjunction the conference in which more than 60 high-school girls from around New York City were able to be instructed and motivated by women in technical positions at J.P. Morgan and elsewhere.

NumFOCUS was founded, to promote this kind of collaboration between open-source communities and companies with a need for technical computing. For information on how your company can support NumFOCUS and its affiliated projects, please our donations page or contact us directly at info@numfocus.org.